Sõna ja Tegu

(‘word and deed’ in Estonian)

The ‘Sõna ja Tegu’ platform enables following the fulfilment of promises given by politicians, it gives ordinary people a chance to have a say in governing and solving important questions.

The first element is involving people through a web platform. Users who have logged in, can propose topics that actually affect their lives, browse and vote other topics that have been submitted to the ‘Sõna ja Tegu’ platform.

TV Show

The second element is television as a strong medium – the most voted problem will be the topic of the TV show. The show includes citizens, experts and politicians into discussions with the aim to also offer real solutions. The third element is monitoring how those solutions are fulfilled, again on the ‘Sõna ja Tegu’ website.

The website is targeted for ordinary people so that their voice would be heard when priorities are being set and solutions are sought for. So that discussions would not be simply entertainment but would reach real solutions that can be monitored while they are put into action.

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